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Articles: Serious Core-1.4.2 Upgrade Bug Discovered

Contributed by craigh on Aug 13, 2016 - 11:48 AM

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Regrettably, a serious upgrade bug has been discovered in the upgrade process for Core-1.4.2. Because of this bug, we cannot currently recommend any upgrades to Core-1.4.2 from any previous version of Zikula.

A straight install of Core-1.4.2 will operate correctly and is not affected by the bug.

The bug has already been corrected in Core-1.4.3 and it is hoped that Core-1.4.3 will be released within the month.

The bug (which again is only apparent on upgrade) will delete all the 'content' data from the Blocks table, rendering all blocks invalid and causing various other problems. There is currently no workaround other than to delete all blocks manually (in the blocks table and the blocks_placements table) and recreate them.

We are very sorry for this inconvenience.



  1. "Download Zikula 1.4.2" button

    Thanks for the bug warning!

    Would it make sense to also put a note on the "Download Zikula 1.4.2" button, as well as on the title of the features list "1.4.2 pop-up window" -- a note warning people to not use 1.4.2 for upgrades? Just in case anyone else tried to upgrade their site.

    I had just last week tried to upgrade a site and it failed ... I had not known why it kept failing and kept restoring the previous data for new re-tries. I eventually went for a clean install rather than upgrade.

    The added warnings on the button and pop-up window may save people some bad headaches. All you need is to put something like ""Download Zikula 1.4.2 -- * CLEAN INSTALL ONLY" on the button, and the same warning on the 1.4.2 pop-up window, linking it to this blog warning.

    Otherwise, Zikula 1.4.2 installs well and I have not run into any serious issues with it. Great work!


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