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Articles: Media Module for Zikula 1.4.1

Contributed by cmf on Dec 03, 2015 - 01:23 AM

I am proud to announce the availability of a new Zikula 1.4.1+ module. It is... a Media Module (and much more)! The module ​is not​ Simple Media 2, but it's been designed with it's general idea in mind. It works pretty good already. The current stable version is version 1.0.4. And even if you do find a bug: ​The automatic module upgrader that comes with it makes upgrading to future versions a One-Click-Experience!

It features media upload (images, pdf, audio, video, plaintext, markdown, zip, ...). Images can be automatically watermarked based on the collection they are uploaded to. You can create text- and image-based watermarks. Metadata is extracted from images, videos and audio files. It also features web embeds! After adding credentials in the settings, you can embed YouTube videos, playlists and channels, Tweets and Deezer Music (and more to come)! It integrates with Scribite: You can upload images or embed YouTube videos directly from within the Scribite editor. The module is a hook provider and subscriber: You can for example hook EZComments to the module but you can also hook the module itself to other modules: It allows you to license any other content under multiple licenses and add media and media collections to any other content.

That's by far not everything. Read more about it and download it at!

The module uses the latest Core and Symfony features: Twig, Symfony Forms, and much more. There is almost no legacy code involved. It took quite some time to create the module and I don't really use it myself. But I wanted to make sure that we don't have to discuss about a Media Module next year at Camp Zikula ;-)



  1. Fantastic module Christian! Really, really needed to Zikula. I have test the module (a little) and it's really good. Good job! Only need "more text" (more documentation to use) and features, how import from others "old modules" (...Mediashare, ejem, ejem... :-D )

    Thanks for this module!

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