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Articles: Core Development and Roadmap Update

Contributed by guite on Dec 22, 2014 - 01:26 AM

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Some of you may have seen that there is continuous activity in the Zikula core project at GitHub. This article gives you a brief update of what is happening and where we are heading to.

What is going on?

In case you did not know yet: 1.4 introduces tight Symfony integration, for example with regards to the event system. Also much work has been done on routing-related tasks so 1.4 applications can use powerful routes now, including multilingual routes and usage within JavaScript. Oh, and existing 1.3 modules should still work!

We are still working on the core 1.4 version (particularly thanks to craigh and cmfcmf). As a result of this the amount of open issues is decreasing. We are looking forward to a first release candidate soon (January!), but for this we need some help.

Help testing 1.4

If you want to test the current 1.4 version you can download it from:

Please report anything noteworthy at the GitHub issue tracker, thanks in advance!

Roadmap changes

Of course 1.4 contains a good bunch of legacy code in order to keep older modules running. To gain attraction and marketing chances in the Symfony ecosystem we need to get a fresh clean system soon though. Therefore we discussed and proposed a few roadmap changes.

First the 1.5 milestone has been removed. After 1.4 is out we want to continue with 2.0 instead (of course 1.4 gets still support). The 2.0.0 core is going to have three main areas of changes:

  1. Migration from Smarty to Twig
  2. Migration to Symfony Forms
  3. Legacy support removal

Most other feature requests are to be postponed to 2.1 accordingly.



  1. Nice overview

    Would be great to have a RC. I have been mainly using 1.3.x up until now for testing, this will open up the road to modules for 1.4 (for me..) :-)

  2. RC coming soon!

  3. delayed

    sadly, we we not able to meet our own self-imposed deadline of January. We are working very hard to get an RC out as soon as possible however and we hope to have something very soon.

  4. Timeline update?

    It would be nice to get an update of the timeline: what is planned in the short and long term, and how the team is doing. Doesn't need to be long or complex.

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