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Articles: Reviews 2.5.0

Contributed by portugao on Nov 30, 2014 - 06:38 PM

The module now is refactored with the ModuleStudio and is not only working with the actual technology (for example Doctrine2), also has a complete workflow.

This one makes Review to the module, it should be. A module for users, who want submit reviews. The submitted articles can be moderated like in News.

Also reviews now supports 'Subscriber Hooks'; that means, modules like Tags, Scribite, Captcha und other Hook-modules can get connected to Reviews.

The Download 2.5.0 is available on Github.

On Github also you can find a List of closed tickets.

Please submit BugReports and FeatureRequests on Github too.

Please don't forget to save your database before install or upgrade of Reviews!

Please enjoy the module!



  1. Great.

    I'm using this module in my web.

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